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Oke guys kali ini saya akan share aplikasi TXD Tool yang work tanpa perlu mengalami error License failed, gagal import, dll. Tetapi walaupun begitu masih ada error yang mungkin akan terjadi, seperti jika membuka file txd ukuran besar. Namun setidaknya sobat gtatrik masih bisa melakukan import export texture, Jadi gak perlu deh jasa import segala karena dengan ini anda bisa melakukanya dengan gratis.


TXD Tool is mobile adaptation of very popular PC modding application for VC and SA.

*This is third party unnoficial application, designed for texture editing.
*VC or SA must be installed before using this application.
*You need to know how to install mods for VC and SA before using TXD Tool

Recommen system requirements: 1 GB RAM or higher, CPU 4x1.3 Ghz or higher.

TXD Tool allows you to do many operations with textures:

*Import with auto rewrite
*Edit properties
*Create aliases.

TXD Tool supports all texture formats and allows you to import textures from various image formats or directly from txd files.

TXD Tools also has many useful functions:

*Generating mipmaps
*RLE compression
*Multi theme
*Compression quality settings
*Export format settings.

TXD Tool is using content generated by Android Studio and code from open source projects(open source licenses included).

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: You are using this application at your own risk, you agree to take full responsibility for anything that this app can cause.

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